Smith, Brown and Groover, Inc. doesn’t expect everyone to retire, however, we want everyone to afford the choice.

Through the 80 years we’ve been helping thousands of clients just like you, we’ve learned a lot about investing in a changing economy but even more about each of our clients. We’ve listened, asked questions and done our research in order to understand the best course of action for the events you’re expecting and not expecting over the course of your lifetime. We believe that with planning and organization, lifecycle events can create joy and meaning in your world. It’s the biggest reason we run an active management plan rather than a reactive one.

Since we opened our doors, we’ve seen all types of economic conditions. With the wealth of experience our staff brings to the table, we’re able to supply Wall Street opportunities in the comfortable surroundings of Middle Georgia. You deserve the right to make your own choices as the economy changes in the future, we want to make it our job to supply you with everything you need to make those decisions as easily as possible.