retireSmith, Brown & Groover, Inc. can help you determine which type of retirement plan could meet your needs, taking into consideration your desire to avoid taxes, provide benefits to your employees and cash flow constraints.

The following are a few of the more common options:

Safeharbor 401-k:
This plan has become extremely popular among small businesses. We have a Safeharbor 401-k plan that has very inexpensive administration costs and can provide excellent tax deductible Retirement savings for the business owner and their staff.

401-k Plans:
Smith, Brown & Groover, Inc. can meet with you to determine if a 401-k plan will work well within your company. We will counsel the individual employees to help them make informed decisions regarding the investment choices presented.

Simple IRA’s:
This is a small business retirement plan. It is similar to a 401-k, but is most useful to the very small business or side business.

Profit Sharing Plans:
An excellent retirement plan for the business owner who wants to shelter a significant amount of income and wishes to provide an excellent employee benefit for their staff.

Defined Benefit Plans:
This plan is very useful for the older client wishing to maximize his/her current contributions.